<![CDATA[Green Party Campaigns - Blog]]>Mon, 03 Jun 2024 20:24:58 +0100Weebly<![CDATA[combat the biggest lie about the greens]]>Mon, 03 Jun 2024 11:38:17 GMThttp://greenpartycampaigns.uk/blog/combat-the-biggest-lie-about-the-greensVote Green posters - Vote Green for a fairer, greener country
The biggest lie going around is that Green votes don't matter. They matter more than ever before. Greens believe in collaboration, intelligent policies and caring for the people and natural world around us. At a time when such beliefs are under threat.  

Whether in a target seat, a marginal or a safe seat, you can raise Green votes to tell the next government what voters really think is important.

Download these easily printable A4 Vote Green pdf posters to print off and put in windows to boost the Green vote. (If printed in numbers for your local party, rather than individual use, you'll need to add your local party imprint. We've included editable Powerpoint versions to make that easier). Download from here.

We've also got two other strong publicity generators from our recent campaign packs that could be useful in your area:

One is our ‘Housingometer’ tool, which you can use on street stalls for people to create a visible barometer of local opinion on rent control and other housing policies.

A press release with photos of the completed Housingometer can generate media coverage for your local party and show how many people agree with us on housing issues. So can sharing these images on social media. Details here.

Another is the Chateau Sewage action. Deliver a bottle to the office of your local privatised water company (or MP) and follow this with a press release highlighting our call for these companies to be taken back into public ownership. It's a great way to attract media attention for your Green Party candidate. And generate social media sharing.

We've already had good results from using it.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the prospect of raising the Green vote, making politicians take Green issues seriously and, hopefully, electing more Green MPs in a few weeks time.

Green votes count!

<![CDATA[Take action for a fairer deal for renters!]]>Tue, 30 Apr 2024 15:51:31 GMThttp://greenpartycampaigns.uk/blog/take-action-for-a-fairer-deal-for-rentersGreen Party leaflet: The Housing Market is Broken - Here's how the Green Party would fix it
Everyone deserves to live in a warm, secure and affordable home. But for millions of people, this is now completely out of reach. Homelessness has been rising steeply, with at least 309,000 people homeless in England in December according to Shelter.

The Green Party has a joined-up plan to fix our broken housing market. And a key element of this is to give councils the power to introduce rent controls. These are seen as completely normal in many other countries and opinion polls show this to be a very popular idea with voters.

Our new campaign flatpack gives you some eye-catching tools - including how to bust the myths of rent control, our patent Housingometer, printable leaflet and details of successful council motions. All to help you highlight the need for rent control and other housing market reforms, and to campaign for these in your area.

Thank you for taking action to fix our broken housing market!

Green Party Campaigns Committee


Having difficulty dealing with untruths? Worried about sneaky questions in interviews? Need help answering awkward questions about Green policy on the doorstep?

We're running free on-line and in-person workshops in ways to stay honest while facing media interrogation. We take you through how to answer effectively when faced with lies and misunderstandings, and how to improve your talking skills. Interactive and tailored to your needs. 

We've run them in the past for some of our top speakers and candidates. Now we're offering them more widely. 

Contact us for more information

<![CDATA[Chateau Sewage]]>Sun, 31 Mar 2024 16:33:51 GMThttp://greenpartycampaigns.uk/blog/chateau-sewage-the-perfect-gift-for-your-local-toryTHE PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR LOCAL TORY! Chateau Sewage bottles, front and back
Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race crews told not to celebrate in the Thames for fear of infection. Our rivers and seas filled with sewage. Could there be a better metaphor for the state of the country today? Make the point by giving a bottle of their favourite water to your local Tory. Ideally, with a photo for your local newspaper and TV station. 

​Shocking new data from the Environment Agency shows that the sewage scandal is still getting worse. In 2023, the privatised water companies discharged raw sewage into our waterways and coastal waters for at least 3.6 million hours – a 105% increase on the previous 12 months.

Meanwhile, these companies continue to pour out massive dividends to their shareholders and generous bonuses to their fat-cat bosses. And they want us to pay for the cost of cleaning up their act by putting up our water bills. 

Chateau Sewage - the gift every Tory needs

To help you show what you feel about this, we’ve devised the perfect gift for your Tory MP, Tory councillor or regional water company boss: a bottle of “Chateau Sewage”.

Find out how you can make and deliver one of these here. You'll find labels to print, a model press release, a link to Top of the Poops, to tell you the sewage pollution in your constituency, a social media graphic and more. 

If you do this, do please let us know! And send us a picture or video.

​Thanks for taking action to defend our natural environment.

Bottoms up!

Green Party Campaigns Committee

<![CDATA[Zane's law for safe homes]]>Wed, 21 Feb 2024 18:51:43 GMThttp://greenpartycampaigns.uk/blog/zanes-law-for-safe-homesZane Gbangbola 2006-2014
Seven year-old Zane Gbangbola died in the early hours of 8 February 2014, when the River Thames flooded at Chertsey in Surrey. The floodwater had brought hydrogen cyanide gas from a nearby contaminated landfill site into his home. Toxic waste that nobody had been told was there.

This week the Green Party is launching a campaign for a 'Zane’s Law', aimed at making toxic waste dumps safe, and o
n Monday, Green-led Lewes District Council became the first council in England to vote for it

There are at least 1,287 old landfill sites in England thought to contain hazardous materials, and many of these are known to be leaking highly toxic substances. With the ever-growing risk of extreme climate-related events, the danger of floodwater from these sites poisoning those who live near them is also rising – and the regulations around them are shockingly weak.

The Green Party has supported Zane’s parents in their struggle for truth and justice, Baroness Natalie Bennett has fought for stronger legislation in Parliament. You can sign 
a national petition and get involved with the campaign here.